Amazon Optimization for Indie Authors

Most people struggle to sell their book on Amazon. Why? Because they fail to show their book to relevant buyers.

Amazon is much more than an online marketplace. It is a search platform connecting buyers to the products most relevant to their search terms. If a product is not tagged to the proper keywords, it won’t be seen, and it won’t sell.

The same is true for books. The potential for sales is exponentially higher when a book is tagged to the proper keywords and genre categories. But most books are not tagged properly.

The Book Rank solves this problem for you. Our quick and affordable research service identifies the keywords and categories that give your book the best chance to be noticed, and to sell.

There is no platform more important to indie authors than Amazon. Let the Book Rank help you position your book for success on Amazon today.

Amazon Keyword & Category Research

$ 80 one-time fee
  • Complete & thorough research
  • Delivery within 48 hours


We use a combination of research tools, including Helium 10, Publisher Rocket, Book Beam, and Amazon Suggestion Expander to find and select the keywords and categories that give your book the best chance to rank. 


Giving your book a chance to rank on Amazon is really all about data. Finding the categories that offer the path of least resistance, and the keywords that offer the most potential for algorithmic engagement, is what matters most. 

10+ Years

Our team has 10+ combined years in the publishing, book marketing, and Amazon optimization space. We understand how Amazon’s system engages books and the best ways to position a book to rank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than 6 million titles for sale on Amazon. Competing with those books for visibility requires much more than simply uploading the book and hoping people will find it. If you want your book to be found by your target audience, then you need to tag it to the terms they use when searching for books like yours. Unless the title itself is a keyword, people won’t find your book without it being connected to the keywords and terms they are using in their search.

Yes! Keywords and categories can be added to your KDP listing at any time. And your book can rank at any time, not just during the launch. The process for adding the keywords and categories to your KDP account is the same whether it is during the launch or the book is already released. 

No! We will never ask for your KDP login info. We will send you instructions on how to add the keywords and categories to your book listing in KDP. 

We will send your report with the keywords and category selections to the email address you use in the checkout cart. 

No (and anyone who does make such a guarantee should not be trusted). The vast majority of books we work on do achieve Best New Release or #1 New Release in at least one Amazon category. But that can never be guaranteed because we don’t control the decisions people make about buying books. What we can do is find the categories that not only relate to the book’s topic but, more importantly, offer the author the best chance of outselling the others in the category. 

No. You need to keep an eye on your book once the keywords and categories are updated. Amazon updates their rankings every hour, so it is possible that a book can be a #1 New Release for an hour. It is also possible that it can achieve and hold a ranking for weeks or months. 

Take a screenshot of it, first, to document the ranking. Then, post news about the ranking on your social media, website, or wherever you publicize information about your book. You can also update the KDP description with a bolded text sentence at the top that names the rank your book achieved, so that people see it when perusing your Amazon product page. For example: #1 New Release in YA Sci-Fi Fiction.

Yes, you can change them in your KDP settings anytime you want. But, the research we do will find the keywords and categories that provide the best chance for gaining traction, so we don’t recommend changing them. 

The Book Rank, a part of the McClellan Media group, is a Vermont based LLC.
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